Horse Story | BBC radio 4

Clare Balding consacre une série radiophonique au cheval pour la BBC


Journaliste spécialisée dans le sport, Clare Balding est également autrice. Elle a notamment publié plusieurs livres jeunesses se déroulant dans le monde équestre : The Racehorse Who Disappeared, The Racehorse Who Learned to DanceThe Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop 

Écouter les 5 épisodes d’une durée de 15 min. chacun


1) Wild Horses : Five horse types to reveal the changing bond between human and animal.

Clare Balding travels to Hothfield Heathlands in Kent to meet a herd of Konik Ponies and discover the extraordinary story of the domestication of wild horses in Europe.

2) Performers : The history of the performing horse.

Clare Balding meets Prince. This beautiful black stallion is a lead equine actor, a major star of big and small screen. You might recognise him as Wonderwoman’s mount, from The Crown, or as Jon Snow’s steed from Game of Thrones.

3) Warhorses : On the past, present and future of the military horse.

Clare Balding visits the King’s Troop at their Woolwich Barracks. She meets the army horses of 2018 and watches five new recruits being put through their somewhat painful basic training to prepare for Trooping the Colour, state funerals, parades and spectacle.

4) Racehorses : The secrets of the thoroughbred race horse.

Spies, bribes and poison. Horse racing has a long and varied history full of colourful characters, politics, scandal and fancy hats. Thoroughbred race horses can all be traced back to three original blood lines. Their descendants are at the centre of a sport and industry worth billions of pounds yet have, for centuries, been shrouded in mystery. What makes the perfect racehorse? Genes, training, jockeys?

 5) Healing Horses : How horses are helping with mental, physical and social problems.

Clare Balding visits contrasting stables in Brixton and Edgware, North London to see how horses are being used to help people with mental and physical health problems. Can equine therapy offer hope to young people affected by gang violence and addiction?

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